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How to proceed for printing on your own paper

Step by step
1st step Click the mouse on the required key field (marked yellow) for your system telephone.

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  Since a new program window opens after a key field has been selected, this procedural description remains visible in the background.
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OpenStage 10 T

OpenStage 15

OpenStage 30

OpenStage Key Module 15

OpenStage BLF 40


optiPoint 410 advance

optiPoint 500 advance

optiPoint 500
optiPoint 410
optiPoint 400

optiPoint 500 entry
optiPoint 410 entry

optiPoint key module

optiPoint BLF

optiset E

optiset E memory

optiset E standard/advance

optiset E key module

optiset E basic

optiset E entry

optiset E signature

2nd step
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When asked what you want to do with the file, select Open it, then click OK.

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  If the dialog field is not displayed and the Word document not loaded, press the right-hand mouse key above the browser window and store the file on your hard disk. You can then load the Word document by means of a double click in Windows Explorer.
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Six labeling strips are offered for the selected key field in the form of a Word document.
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Click the mouse on one of the gray fields in the Word document and then write your labeling text (e.g. a name). Maximum entry: 20 characters (or 40) per field.
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Print out your Word document and then cut out the labeling sheet along the perforations. Insert it in the telephone and cover it with the foil supplied (matt side up).

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  If you wish to retain your entries for further use, you can store the file with the changes on your hard disk or on a diskette before closing the program window.
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